Civil Law

Among other subjects related to Civil Law, we offer you advice on:

  • Drafting contracts and writs: sale of goods, conveyancing, long time and short time leases, private loans, exchange of plot of land for built construction and money and another real state dealings, including specifical clauses for the protection of your interests.
  • Notices, warnings, invoices, consents, affidavits, empowerments.
  • Selling and buying real state property (conveyancing): pre purchase risk assessment, dealings with real state agents, revision of contracts, resolution of disputes, unveiling hints and encumbrances, finance, checking lacks of amenities, supplies and licenses, enforcement of obligations, neighbouring and border issues…
  • Building administration, neighbour communities: advice and/or administration of co-owner communities, debt recovery, claims for building malpractice, repairs, insurances…
  • Debt recovery: bills of exchange, cheques, IOU notes, unpaid invoices, preventive attachments, asset researches, credit standing analisys…
  • Eviction proceedings: for unpaid rents, unathorized sublease, disturbing or unhealthy activities, end of contract.
  • Marriage, family and minors: divorces with mutual agreement or contentious, alimony claim or maintenance/child support, register of couples, applications to alter a maintenance order, reduction or increase of alimonies, maintenances support, access to children, annual revision of alimonies, parental recognition, inheritance law, wills, inheritance planning, donations, taxes applicable.

Business Law

  • Creation and dissolution of partnerships.
  • Unfair competition and advertising.
  • Adquisition and selling of shares.
  • Incorporation and advice on companies, mergers and adquisitions.
  • Brands.
  • Drafting of mercantile contracts (agency, distribution, franchise…)
  • Legal advice of already incorporated companies and partnerships.

Labour Law

  • Help in tribunals, Labour Court proceedings for dismissals, wages claim, holidays claims, resettlements, special labour relationships, short time contracts, private employment offices, before Juzgado de lo Social and Sala de lo Social del TSJCV.
  • Proceedings against Seguridad Social (incapacity, subsidies, fines).
  • Proceedings against Inspección de Trabajo.
  • Occupational accident claim, mutuals, drafting of all sorts of labour contracts.

Administrative Law

Among other subjects related to Administrative Law, we offer you advice on:

  • Administrative court Proceeding.
  • Administrative remedies against all sort of fines: speeding, drunk while driving or driving under the influence, denial to alcohol test, driving whithout insurance, claims for motoring injuries.

Inmigration Law

  • Rights and liberties of foreigners and inmigrants.
  • Status of the foreigners: stay, residence, students, prohibitions, visas…
  • Work permits, residence permits, special regimes: application and renewal.
  • Appeals.
  • European Union citizens.
  • Getting the nationality.

Tax Law and Integral advice of Companies


Another fields of Law

  • Registered couples: rights, acts…
  • Consumer rights, claims about defective products.
  • Medical negligence.
  • International Law.
  • European Union Law.

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